Belly Dance

Belly Dance, originating from Egypt and Turkey, has been long performed in many Arabian countries and has now become popular all over the world.
It is featured as gracious music and lithe movement specific to women as well as gorgeous costuming. You can perform belly dance even in your older age compared to other type of dances. Belly dance is very effective to solve your lack of exercise and relieve your stress, especially for working women. Hence, belly dance is now widely popular because women can show their beauty dancing in a colorful costume and in time to an attractive Arabic music.

Lesson Concepts

Belly dance can be pleasantly performed by anyone regardless of age.
You take dance lesson barefoot and this applies little burden to your knees and waist.
Women after childbirth or at an advanced age can take lesson with ease.

When dancing, you exercise your belly and lumber with your inner muscle training and internal organs activating. You raise flexibility of your body and stretches your body sufficiently, which makes you healthy. Belly dance keeps your hip joints, knees and ankles flexible, and strengthen your pelvic muscle group very important for women.
Dancing activates the metabolism in your body. You may find your femininity by dancing with womanly expressions.

Such a wide range of trainees as beginners and semi-professionals can take lessons. Beginners are recommended to enjoy exercising and dancing in time to Arabic music. There are a lot of opportunities to show the results of practice as an annual exhibitions in theaters, parties in restaurants, events in clubs and so on

Dancing in time to the music gives you physical and mental satisfaction and reduces your stress. Daily exercise plays important role in maintaining your health.