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Kaho (Kaho Asai)

Kaho was fascinated with dancing when she was 13 years old, and since then she has been experiencing various styles of dance including modern ballet, classic ballet and jazz dance.
While she was studying Japanese literature at Hosei University, she began to learn flamenco under Mr. Shoji Kojima who is recognized as the top dancer in Japanese flamenco world.
After graduating from university, she started her career as a professional dancer at Kojima Shoji Flamenco Dance Company. As a promising young dancer of the company, she appeared on numerous stages through Japan from 1990 to 1997.
The belly dance performance she casually watched mesmerized her, and Kaho started to study under Kayou Aoki in 1997 and came to visit Egypt many times. In Egypt, she studied not only the techniques but also the essence of the real belly dance from the very first-class dancers.
Kaho is very active not only as a leading belly dancer, but also as a talented choreographer presenting original pieces of her own energetically, which lead her to the opportunities to collaborate with the first-class artists of fields. Now she has a huge reputation as she has established one and only dancing style.
In 2002 she started her career as a belly dance instructor. In 2006 she debuted as a choreographer, producing the stage named “homage” which was highly acclaimed. She appeared in the movie “TANNKA” in the same year.
She established Kaho Belly Dance School in 2008. In July 2009, she produced the stages named “Image” in Tokyo and Shizuoka, which was her new work after a three-year interval.
Then in the autumn of that year, she energetically produced the sequel stage “Image II” at Meguro Perssimon Hall.
In May 2012, she opened her own dance studio “kahob” in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
She constantly appears on the shows at the theater, restaurant, and many kind of events, and frequently holds the workshops of her original choreography in addition to classical oriental dances, contemporary fusion choreography.
She is also developing a new program that will contribute to your health

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