Dance studio Nihonbashi

Kahob Studio

At Kahob Studio, a variety of culture classes are held on weekdays, and professional belly dance and other dance classes in weekday evening and on Saturday and Sunday. Open classes, workshops and seminars are held as needed.

In culture classes, you can primarily learn exercises to make you stay in good health, which resolves your physical inactivity and mental stress, puts you in sound mind and sound body, and make your body suitable for dancing.

In belly dance classes, students who just begin dancing take lessons as well as students who strive to be a professional dancer. There are a lot of such opportunities to show the results of your practice as the annual exhibitions in theaters, fun dance parties in restaurants, events in clubs and so on. You can also participate in new dance classes such as Uzbekistan Dance and Fusion Dance classes.

Every classes mentioned above are open for anybody who is busy in daily work. The Studio is located in Nihohbashi, and close to several subway stations, where you can have a pleasant time enjoying your physical activities.

K1Bld-3F, 11-11, Nihombashikobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0024, Japan
Kahob Bellydance Studio
Kaho (Kaho Asai)

Your advantage

  • Four subway stations are near the studio, and you can attend classes on your way home.
  • You can choose to take lessons in any class and pay tuition fees monthly or prepaid tickets.
  • The studio has comfortable and at-home atmosphere.
  • Beginners are pleasantly coached by experienced instructors.
  • You have a lot of opportunities to perform your dance at exhibitions and parties.

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